Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why do we write?

Of course I can only tell you why I write and speculate on others.

It's not about the attention. (This blog isn't all that popular.) It's not about the love of language although I do have that.

I write because getting it out on paper or online helps me make sense of things. It shows me clearly what I think and why I think that way. In that way it gives me insight into myself.

I write to just release it. When I write about things I rarely speak of  like death, despair, and tragedy, I remove the weight of carrying it alone. I write most when I'm depressed and worried and angry. It soothes me. It's popping the blister and letting the poisons drain away.

I write because I want to share my thoughts and feelings. To seek out a new connection with others who have gone through similiar things. To possibly give someone a new point of view.

I write to try to explain the me underneath. It's sharing what made me ... well... me. I want what most everyone wants. To be accepted and loved for who I really am. Flaws and all.

I want to tell my story.


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