Monday, March 17, 2014

A Little Less Fat Girl

About a month ago, I was at 246 lbs. Yesterday I weighed in at 226 lbs. 20 lbs down in a month.

Where I'm doing well:
I'm charting every tiny thing I eat. I have a 10 calorie piece of gum, that's going on the calorie chart.
I'm walking a lot.
I'm outdoors more.
I'm making sure I'm not just sitting on the couch.

Where I'm not:
Alcohol. Drinks have high calories and I don't budget them into my diet the way I should.
Sleep. I need to get my tushie in bed and to sleep or the muscles won't heal properly and my workout the next day sucks.
Water, I'm being ok about but not great. I should be at 8-10 cups a day and I've been slacking on that the last few days.

Where YOU can help me achieve my goals:
You like to play ball?
Play on the Wii?
Please invite me along. I'm craving variety.

Be patient with my nonstop talk about it. I'm trying not to gush but it is such a big change in my life and it's taking up so much of my attention, it's on my mind a lot. And you should all know what's on my mind comes straight out of my mouth.

Encourage me to ignore my ridiculous sweet tooth and eat green instead.

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and compliments. It makes it easier to accomplish your goals if you know people are rooting for you and have faith that you can. Love you!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Moving Forward

Things I've learned since starting my diet and exercise plan.
1. Setting a goal is good. Small goals are fine, even better because they let you build.
2. Accomplishing small goals every day make you feel accomplished.
3. Everybody asks you for the "secret" to your sucess.
4. Nobody seems to like the real answer. Hard work and planning.
5. The more you move the better you feel.
6. Exercising GIVES you energy, it doesn't take it away.
7. Going for a walk, even once around the block, every day makes you relax and enjoy life more.
8. Squirrels are crazy. Seriously, I had squirrels chasing me at the park.
9. If you smile at a stranger walking past you nine times out of ten they will smile back.
10. I can do this.
11. "This" means anything I want.
12. The only way to fail is not to try.
13. There is always a Plan B, Plan C, Plan Take Over The World
14. If you want life to change, you have to be the one changing.
15. "Fine as I am" is a bullshit cop out.
16. If you are not striving for something, anything, you will accomplish nothing.
17. If you don't take that chance, someone else will.
18. I refuse to be less than I can be.
19. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.