Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How I treat those I can't stand

Polite indifference. Nothing makes someone crankier than you not caring at all about them.

Only reply. Never inititate contact. I can be in the same place all day long and not speak to someone until they speak to me. Why would I go out of my way to have a conversation I don't want to have?


L: Hi Kristen! How've you been?
Me: Hello. I'm good.
L: Anything new?
Me: Not so much.
L: Well.... I should get something to drink.
Me: Ok.

You'll notice I don't speak more than essential and I NEVER ask questions. I don't care how her life is. I don't want to talk about her day. I smile and only reply and never volunteer more than I have to.

You don't have to be mean to someone you don't like. You can just ignore them. People in general will only try a couple times before they get the feeling you just aren't interested in them or their drama.

You have every right to say no. You don't need a reason or an excuse. And if someone keeps pushing, just stare at them. They will not ask again.

Occasionally, there will be the pushy person who will not leave you alone. Now this is important.

Repeat after me.
I'm not interested.
Not " Sorry. I'm not interested." What do you have to be sorry about? Why are you apologizing?
Just simply say...
I'm not interested.

It's polite. You don't have to swear or get mad. You're not calling anyone out. It's the truth and it works.

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