Saturday, August 25, 2012

Breast Cancer- My Awareness

I used to know a girl named Julia. She was quick to smile, had expressive eyes, and a clear strong singing voice. When I met her, she already knew she was dying. I was friendly but was scared to really get to know someone just as they were about to go. I was young and foolish. It was profoundly unfair that she got taken so young.

I hadn't thought about Julia for a long time. She got brought up today on Facebook. I started crying immediately.

Sadness for her not being in the world anymore and for my friends who were close to her still missing her. And sheer terror and panic because I know a woman who has just been diagnosed.

I'm scared things will go badly. I'm scared that she will suffer. I'm scared for her family because she is the glue that keeps it all going. I'm scared her faith will weaken. I'm mad that I can't be there because I live in a different state.

Most of all, I'm scared because there isn't a damn thing I can do about any of it.

If you pray, please say one for her and her family.

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