Friday, September 7, 2012

Missing Pieces (Furniture and Love)

We are like pieces of furniture from Ikea. (LOVE Ikea by the way)-
Work with me on this.

We start with simple function and clean lines. Then we get messy with personality.
That's our equivalent to repainting or embellishing.

We let others into our lives.
 Some help comfort. (Add a throw pillow)
 Some add confusion. (Glow in the dark paint? Really?)
 Some are so close they help support. ( You're getting your books on my couch.)
Some just want to demo everything and start anew. (Beware the sledgehammer of DOOM!)
Some are just not your style. (Listen. You're shabby chic and I'm a leather sectional. Not happening.)

So anyway, the point I'm getting to ......
YES! I do have a point!

Ahem. As I was saying.

One of my support pieces has been removed. We used to be part of the same collection. Mismatched matching pieces. I slip a bit to the side and notice freshly that he's gone. Will I get that support from a new piece? Will a new piece go with my other pieces? Do I need refinishing before I go with any piece? My support piece that I'm missing horribly,  left some dents and scratches but without that support will I just fall apart and splinter everywhere?

1 comment:

  1. No, you will not!
    You will sand off the splinters, throw some paint over the bare spot, and reinvent yourself as something even better than the original!
    Maybe you won't find another matching piece. Maybe it will be a piece that compliments and brings out your beauty even more!
    Don't wear out your upholstery stressing about it. It will happen when it's supposed to!