Monday, November 12, 2012


FML stands for Fuck My Life. It's becoming more and more popular. It's also dangerous thinking. We should not be training ourselves to think about every little thing that's gone wrong anytime one little thing has gone wrong. It's popularity isn't all that surprising given that kids do adore superlatives. Everything is epic or a total fail. What's disturbing to me is the amount of adults picking up the phrase.

Words Have Power. Anything we say has the right to be used against us in a court of law.Angry words bring on more anger. Soft words soothe. Words educate us about the world and tell us a lot about who's saying them.

So when I hear someone say "I got a flat tire. FML." It annoys me immensely. In the scheme of things, a flat tire is a minor inconvenience. So now I must assume the person complaining is just a whiner. Or someone who just doesn't think before they speak. Or is terribly mechanically inept. Or is already depressed and the tire is a last straw.

When you use the phrase "Fuck My Life" it's giving in to all the negative. It's probably the most negative thing you can say. So when you say it, you are saying your life is worthless and nothing goes right and noone is there for you. Well I regret to inform you, you keep up that attitude and that's what you should expect. People are attracted to positive things. People like fun and smiling. People get frustrated and upset with others who are consistently negative.

If you keep thinking FML, your life won't get better. Another little thing, life will never get better on it's own. Work for it. If you aren't willing to make the effort, someone else will be.

So suck it up and count your blessings and do SOMETHING about the stuff you care about. You can change the world but not by just bitching about it.