Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Fear of Scurvy

I do not eat as I should. I don't have my proper amounts of fruit and veggies on a daily basis. Instead what I do is eat junk junk and more junk all week long. Then comes the point where my body says FEED ME FRUIT! I crave apples or figs or plums or even berries.

What invariably comes out of my mouth is "I can't do Five Guys for dinner. I need green food or I'm going to get the scurvy."

So I get my butt to the grocery store and the fruit looks gross. Overwaxed apples starting to brown. Shrunken heads of lettuce. Strawberries going extra juicy on the bottom.  I'm not eating that. Dried figs and dates and tinned pears it is. And juice. Must have juice.

But something strange and wonderful happened this week. I went to a different grocery store and the fruit and veg is gorgeous! I loaded up with fresh strawberries, blackberries, apples, grape tomatoes, lettuce, and ......  wait for it ....... RHUBARB!

If anyone wants to share a rhubarb recipe with me please do! In the meantime I'm going to chop it up with strawberries, warm it up and pour a little heavy cream on top.

So I'm going to go to two different grocery stores every week now. My usual chain still being cheaper on my regular buys and the one closer to home with the amazing produce section

Or I may just go right next door to my job and check out the organic market.

Baby steps to good nutrition, baby steps.

But hey, I won't get scurvy anytime soon.


  1. You're not fearing scurvy which is a tremendous burden removed from my brain. Gonna make a rhubarb pie???

    1. Not sure. Was thinking about this recipe for cold rhubarb soup. Might try that :)

  2. Rhubarb muffins.