Saturday, June 9, 2012

I am the Queen!

I think I need new business cards. I declared myself Queen Kristen of the Kingdom of Kristen today. I have 15 loyal subjects at the moment. All valiant and true as any monarch could wish for.

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It started off silly and just got sillier. Titles have been bestowed upon my favored subjects. There are now pictures of me as Queen. And a possibility of joining a League of Imaginary Nations.

I'm having the time of my life with this! Even the roommate's dog has a title.

Next up, our national anthem. Oh yeah! My subjects like to dance.

I hope to be a kind and beneficent ruler. Our Mission statement is to enjoy each other and have fun. I think most can get behind that platform.

If you feel you can't pledge your allegiance to me, you can simply be a friend of the kingdom.

Thanks for playing pretend with me.

Her Royal Majesty,
Queen Kristen


  1. Sorry, if you're queen I'm at least a prince, and royalty doesn't bow to other royalty. ;)

  2. Mom already knows that she's the Queen Mother. Bowing isn't compulsory. If you join I'll give you a title!