Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cheese is the Devil

Cheese is wonderful. It comes in thousands of varieties and I've yet to meet a kind I hate. My favorites run from Brie, a soft spreadable cheese, to a hard irish cheddar. I love mild cheeses, sharp cheeses, hard cheese and soft cheese. I even love artificial cheese product.

Cheese hates me. Lactose intolerance and a love for good cheese or really any cheese is a bad combination. And a remarkably stinky one. If I have more than a slice of cheese in a day, I feel it.

I should avoid cheese entirely. It's a dairy product addiction. I know it'll hurt but I just want a little more of the port wine cheese spread. I may have to run for the bathroom later but I must have the Saganaki now. Saganaki is a cheese put in brandy and lit on fire. It's Greek and delicious and the staff yell Opa! when it's set on fire.

Cheese is the devil. It tempts me into eating just a little more every time. The tempation of cheese is one I will bear for eternity.

Don't even get me started on ice cream.

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  1. my girlfriend and i were talking yesterday about how devistating it would be if I was Lactose Intolerant because I love cheese to a fault. But I DEFINITELY Understand the temptation of cheese