Sunday, March 11, 2012


Back when my brother and I were attending high school together, we would walk to the bus stop. On this particular morning I was thinking about the duck billed platypus.

So the duck billed platypus is a mammal with a duck bill. And there used to be a duck billed dinosaur so reptiles are covered. Then I drew a blank.

I turned to my brother and asked him "Is there any such thing as a bird with a duck bill?"

He stopped dead and stared at me.

"What?"I said.

He threw his hands in the air and said "It's a DUCK!"

"Oh yeah! Forgot about them." I said as I walked on.

My brother couldn't stop laughing. He told the parents who also found it hilarious. And now it's become a running joke.

Whenever I say something stupid, my family quacks at me. My aunt even has her cell phone set so it quacks when I call her.

Another quick story of a time I was a moron. My brother is a comic book guy. He was reading one I hadn't seen before. The Punisher.

 I asked him "What does The Punisher do?"

"He breaks people's spines."he replied.

"That can cause paralysis." I said.

"Yes it can. But usually just death." he laughed at me.

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  1. Actually that wasn't The Punisher, but Shadowhawk. The Punisher, he just shoots people. :)