Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Every day I see an example of someone trying to get one over on the system. The latest was an article about a lady still collecting food stamps after she hit the lotto. What kind of ethics do we have nowadays? As long as you can not get caught is not good enough.

Whether it's accidentally getting too much change back or finding a bank error in your favor, it's not worth it. Forget getting caught. It's about tarnishing your soul bit by bit day by day.

When you "outsmart" someone out of what's not rightfully yours, it's wrong. Nickels then dimes then dollars. I want to make an honest living.

Honest. I wonder if it has the same root word as honor? I'll have to look that up.

I try to be honest with my friends, with my family, with my work. Little white lies creep in now and then. And I am ashamed of them.

I've been told I'm too honest. But honestly, I think that's code for tactless. I don't want to tell the white lies because then I'll be more comfortable telling the big ones.

Scarily enough, I lie very well. Since I lie so rarely, it's generally accepted as truth. I'm less likely to be called out on it.

The only person I'm comfortable lying to is myself. But we all do that in our small ways.

So ask your questions and I'll tell you the truth. But be careful you can take it.

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