Monday, March 5, 2012

Journal - Karaoke

Another night. Karoake is where I'm found most every weekend. Sometimes you reach a point when you've already sung all the songs you want to sing. Smile lightly at the applause and take your seat wishing you had a happier song to sing. You smile at people you'd rather punch in the head. But instead you smile politely and mutter "Bitch." under your breath. Take another drink and calm yourself down for soon it'll be time to share your voice again. People around you laugh and joke and drink and smoke their troubles away.

Eat drink and be merry for when you sober up that same old shit will be there to drag you down.

It's like a helium balloon. Exposed to heat it rises and flies high until the cold air again returns to leave it a withered sack.

People tap their feet to the beat and clap along for the start of the song and slowly the applause peters out as people get lost in conversations and the mundane nuisances of life.

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