Friday, March 2, 2012

Perverted Squirrel

I was eating indian food at this really good little restaurant with my brother. Saag paneer and aloo paratha yumminess. It was a sunny and mild day so we had chosen to eat outside at a little two top. We noticed the squirrel immediately. He was fat and fast. He was also totally unafraid.

We talked about taming wild critters as we ate and that squirrels and seagulls were the worst at begging for food. Bob started tossing him little bits of naan anyway.

The squirrel kept coming closer and closer until it was right by my foot. Unsure of it's tempremant, I jumped up. This scared the squirrel. He darted for someplace to hide.

He choose my broomstick skirt.

I was yelping and jumping up and down as this squirrel ran laps around the inside of my skirt. My brother yelled at me to stand still. Which I did immediately. The squirrel dropped and ran for a phone pole and darted up it.

The little bastard was staring at me like it was my fault.

The waiter came out to check on us having heard my cries. My brother said" It was just a perverted squirrel that wanted up her skirt."

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