Friday, March 16, 2012

My Boss Lady

The owners of my company are a married couple. Good people with a big vision for the company. The boss lady is from Colombia. She's energetic and goofy at times. It's weird working at a job where the boss says "I love you my Kris!" every time she leaves for the day.

Kris? I hear you ask. I know. Only direct family calls me Kris. But it sounds so cute with her accent. The way she says it sounds like Crease. I can't get mad about it.

So today she asks "My Kris, do you have guns?"
"Guns?" I asked
"Yeah. Guns for chewing?"
Pause. The light dawns.
"Yep. I've got some gum in my purse. I'll grab you a piece."

This is an everyday occurence. Makes me smile every time.

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