Thursday, March 1, 2012


Mostly this is four Jen.

We were working at the coffee shop and this moron was working with us. Jen being manager had told him to throw more bagels in the oven knowing it would be a busy morning. Instead of the regular dozen each flavor, he only put in 4 of each.

Jen pulled me to the side and told me about it. "Four! Can you believe it? Four!"

Four being said in an outraged tone is just funny to hear.

We started laughing.

"He must only have 4 brain cells."
"His pants are 4 inches to short."
"He has 4 strands of hair on his head."

"Four?" asked in mock outrage.
"Four!" replied in declaration.

The rest of the day every time "four" was mentioned, we'd laugh like crazy.

"Would you like 4 sugars in that coffee?"
"Oh, no! I clocked in 4 minutes late."
"I must've cleaned off that table 4 times."

Years have passed, way more than four, and we can still make each other laugh by simply saying the word.

That's why we'll be friends Four - ever.

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