Saturday, March 3, 2012


I grew up going to museums of all sorts. Art museums, science museums, natural history museums. The only one that left me cold was the Space and Aeronautics museum. I just don't appreciate technology as much as people and their history and art. I leave the technofilia to my Dad and brother.

I just want the technology to work but have no interest on how it does. Like cars, my favorite car I ever had was my Geo Metro. I'd rather drive a Smart Car than a Ferrari. I'm much less likely to get a ticket in the Smart Car.

Back to museums....

My favorite museum is The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I could wander for days in there. The Guggenheim while having amazing architecture is full of modern art. Blah to most of it. I want the renaissance section. I love portraits.

I don't get excited to see a yellow canvas with blue rectangles on it. I love texture and color and beauty in my art. I don't particularly want to be challenged by art.

The Met has a fantastic website that I wander through whenever I'm feeling culture deprived. I look at the old masters and marvel at art that has been seen by millions. I would love to visit the Louvre. Since all the french I know I learned from Beauty and the Beast. I may have a hard time of it.

Art museums treasure beauty and style and the grace of the brushstroke. Paintings are only to feed the soul. Or (blech) Modern art which challenges it. Paintings to beautiful to be destroyed hang on walls. Sculptures and statuary even when damaged still stand and are admired. It's the history of what we think is pretty.

I need to hit up a museum soon.

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  1. Tech is fun! I managed to be reasonably entertained at the Connecticut Museum Of Radio & Communication back in December. While Warphammer was completely geeking the heck out. :)

    I do like art museums. I should get to the Slater sometime because it's freaking WALKING DISTANCE. So lazy. :P