Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Abortion - My viewpoint

I know this is a touchy subject that can and may lead to heated debates. I welcome other viewpoints to comment. I will NOT stand for kneejerk profanity. If you have something thought out to say feel free to offer it.

 I am solidly pro-life. I'll give you my reasoning for it and a few stories as well.

My first major problem with abortion is the amount of people who use it as belated birth control. If you aren't mature enough to understand the risks of sex, you shouldn't be having it.There are many different methods of contraception available for inexpensive prices. The pull out method is not one of them. I am completely for sex education for children.

My second major problem with abortion is that it's selfish in most cases. The unexpected happens and it seems like the easy way out. Pregnancy is messy and puts a strain on the body. It can be seen as shameful for the unmarried although thankfully the stigma is decreasing. So rather than deal with the consequences of their actions, some would rather get an abortion and try to leave it behind.

When life begins is a long discussion. I'll simply state for me, it begins when the egg is fertilized and implanted. No, I have no problem with the morning after pill. It flushes the egg out before implantation occurs.

My third problem with abortion is my largest. It's the legalized murder of the innocent. It's killing a baby. We all have a right to live. These children are never given a chance.

What about rape victims? I have no issue with rape victims being given the morning after pill or an abortion. I can sympathize with their plight. Personally, (And all this is very personal) I don't think I would have an abortion if I were raped. I may not be able to deal with raising the child but I would like to think I could go through the pregnancy and give the child up for adoption.

Adoption waits for newborn babies can be up to five years or more. There are people who want these children and will raise them as their own. It is an option not stressed nearly enough.

What about medical problems? I have had two friends go through this. One had a tubal pregnancy and the other severe medical problems that would have prevented her from carrying to term. They both had to have an abortion. It was a sad and disturbing time for both. In both cases, it was a medical necessity.

What about birth defect possibilities? To not give a child a chance to live because they won't be able to live like a normal child is selfishness again. A very dear friend of mine was born with a rare birth defect which required massive amounts of surgeries and not a very good survival rate. She unexpectedly got pregnant. She had a 50/50 shot that her child would be born with the same problems she had faced. When I asked her if she was going to have amniocentesis to find out if the baby would have health problems, she said no.It didn't matter if her child wasn't perfectly healthy, it was her child and she would do the best she could regardless.

What about the right to choose? Yes, women should have the right to choose. I just would counsel them to choose life.

Now to my stories.

A coworker friend of mine was date raped and ended up pregnant. She already had a little girl at home. The guy who knocked her up was a dirtbag who had a violent streak and a criminal history. She wanted more children but was afraid of having ties to this jerk for life. She didn't know what she was going to do. She went to her first prenatal visit and heard her baby's heartbeat and then the next day went and had an abortion. I held her as she cried. She told me she had the abortion and then just kept repeating "I heard the heartbeat." She was filled with guilt and remorse and hated herself. I cried with her. There was nothing else I could do.

I had another friend who was 16 when she got pregnant. By the time she found out she was, the father was out of her life. Her very religious parents had told her that if she ended up pregnant they would have her adopt out the baby to a family in their church. She couldn't take the idea of seeing her child with someone else and had an abortion. She's always regretted it. Not a year goes by that she doesn't cry on the anniversary of the abortion. The worst thing she's had to endure is years after the fact she was diagnosed with fertility problems and has never conceived again.

A friend from high school told me her baby story. Her mother got pregnant and was scared and confused and went to have a back alley abortion. No painkillers, no anything. She bled for a week. Then to her amazement she discovered she was still pregnant. She took it as a sign from God that she should have her baby. She gave birth to a wonderful girl who I'm glad to call a friend.

Another friend of mine got pregnant young and knew she was in no position to care for a child. She chose adoption. She has an open adoption with a loving family. Her daughter is bright and beautiful and healthy.

In an unplanned pregnancy, there is always going to be confusion and stress. Whatever choice is made, there will always be consequences and repercussions. It's up to the woman to live with their choice.

As for me, I choose life.

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