Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red Brook Inn

I worked for a while at Red Brook Inn as the night innkeeper. I've been told the two buildings that made up the bed and breakfast have since been sold and are now being used as private residences.

The Red Brook Inn had a history of being haunted. On two separate occasions guests who had not properly opened the flue on their fireplace were wakened by a lady ghost shaking their feet. Thus saving them from suffocating on the smoke. The room that happened in was being lived in by the owner when I worked there. She didn't enjoy the ghost stories being spread as she thought it repulsed rather than attracted guests. Other people reported hearing voices and cold spots there as well.

Only once did I experience anything while living there. The owner was on vacation and the smaller house was locked since the only guests were at the main house. I was walking past the smaller house and movement in the upstairs window caught my eye. I thought I saw a dark haired man looking down at me.  I knew the house was locked and should be empty. I did a quick walk through to see if anyone was inside but no one was.

It was a great building with an interesting history. Lots of fireplaces and handmade quilts and antique glass. The flagstone patio with the wrought iron tables was my favorite spot. I enjoyed my time there and always felt at home.

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