Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Romance Junkie

I read trashy romance novels. Sometimes I even pick out the ones with the worst titles on purpose. The Highlander's Courtesan, that kind of thing. I read trashy supernatural romances. I read one book that had the hero as a ghost trapped in a rug. I read christian romance books where at the end they kiss. I read good romance novels too. And murder mystery romances. And teen romance novels. (Should she or shouldn't she lose her virginity?)

Why? Because I'm a romance junkie. I love holding hands and walking on the beach. Candlelit dinners with wine. Long slow kisses. Watching the stars while lying next to my love. One ex made a giant christmas stocking (Yes. He made it.) so he could stand on my doorstep on christmas and be my present. Best thing ever.

The only traditionally romantic thing I hate is roses. They smell icky to me.

I am a born romantic in a decidedly unromantic age. I hate it. People are so afraid of showing they care about each other. It's not cool to be the one who shows their heart first. It's commonplace to be with someone for well over a month before actually saying will you not sleep with anyone else to their lover. And god forbid you even bring up the dreaded c word.

Duck and cover, guys.

Commitment. It's not evil. It's not going to kill you in your sleep. Staying true to another person is a GOOD thing. If it doesn't work out, that's fine. Learn your lessons and move on. If someone has the potential to be "The One", how will you know unless you're honest with them and yourself  and give it a real shot?

Dating is the process in which you learn more about the other person to see if they will be your life partner. If you can't be yourself in the process, it's worthless. If you're busy playing games, you aren't being you. Why would you want someone you only got because you weren't being yourself? It won't last.

What about those who just want sex? Sex is fun. Sex can be phenomenal. But if you say that's all you want, you're lying. Why do we want sex? Well, as I said, It can be fun. But mostly we want that connection to another human being. It's intimate and private. We touch each other in places we want to be touched. We are comforted by sex. We feel wanted and needed and cared for. If we're lucky, we feel cherished.

We crave love. It's a desire, a want, a need. We need to know that we share something in common with others.  It creates a bond that cannot be broken. The jaded say true love is nonsense. I know that's not true.

I'm not a hopeless romantic. I'm a hopeful romantic. And the world hopes with me.

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