Friday, February 17, 2012

Ecletic Talents

Odd skills are something I have seemed to collect over the years. Mostly because of bouncing from one job to another. I tend to drift from job to job trying to find what I really want to do with my life.

When I was young, I wanted to be a photographer or a housewife(That's right.) or a pyschologist to help people with their problems or an editor because that is a natural skill I have.

I've worked as a receptionist, an innkeeper, asst manager of a retail clothing store, manager of a candle kiosk,  kitchen staff at a seafood restaurant, staff at McDs, a barrista/baker at a donut shop, an engraver (both template and computerized), manager for a video rental company, a teller at a check cashing/payday advance place, and my least favorite of all a counter for an inventory company.

I liked different things about every job and despised others. It was always just a way to pay the bills. Then I was hired at the company I work for now. I'm the production manager for a small but growing embroidery/uniform store. I embroider garments and ship them to the customers. I print off packing slips and shipping labels and cut backing and fold shirts and work more with my hands than I have in years. My bosses ask my opinion on things and I get to be a part of a growing company. This is the first time I've felt like this is something I can do til I retire. If I ever retire of course. It's not like social security will still be around by then.

So now I can not only: steam a lobster, shuck an oyster, cut keys, engrave metal and glass, use a multiline phone system, clean a hotel room, talk to a tourist, use quickbooks, set up a retail display, make french cruellers and bagels, decorate donuts, clean shrimp, clean a lobster tank, repair a VHS tape, buff a DVD, and making salad dressing with a drill. But also embroider and make designs for all sorts of things.

Oh yeah, I play a psaltery(badly) and sing (pretty decently)at karoake as much as I can, paint acrylics and watercolors, and know how to handle a rifle.

I hope I learn more things as I go and grow. I like learning new and strange things. When you stop learning, you can never move to where you need to be.

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