Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A list of what I used to do that made me happy.

A list of what I used to do that made me happy. 

Dancing around in the rain. 
Climbing a tree with a backpack and a book. 
Hours spent in used book stores. 
Writing songs. 
Playing with bright eye shadow. 
Singing in a choir. 
Making a purse from a maple leaf. 
Blackberry picking. 
Building sand castles. 
Flying Kites. 
Jumping rope. 
Volley ball. 
Hiking down to the bluff. 
Skeeball . 
Duckpin bowling. 
Somersaults down a hill. 
Picking wild flowers and mint from the yard. 
Squirt gun fights. 
Water slides. 
Picnic in the park. 

So many things are now too childish and silly. But I like childish and silly.

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