Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's your opinion?

Now that I have people reading this blog and hopefully enjoying it, I'd like to ask y'all some questions.

1. Would you mind the addition of some old writing? I have old journals that I'm dying to put to use.

2. Poetry? I promise it will be clearly labeled for those who aren't fans.

3. Art? I was thinking about linking some of my paintings as a side feature. I'm not great but some are interesting.

4. Full names will never be used without permission. If you don't mind me throwing your business out in front of the public, please let me know.

5. Any questions for me?

6. Any ideas for topics?

Thank you for reading. I'm just relating my truths to you and getting stuff off my chest. I hope you keep checking in.


  1. Use old writing, poetry, art, or whatever your little heart desires - it's YOUR blog!
    Permission to use my name granted.
    Just keep writing!

  2. I think you should do whatever you want! It is YOUR blog. By the way if you feel the need to tell a story involving me feel free to use my name :)

  3. Feel free to mention any of my business except my love life. :)