Monday, February 20, 2012

To Touch the Dead

I am the family corpse toucher. I straightened my grandfather's tie as he lay in his casket. I put earrings on my grandmother's earlobes. I closed my other grandmother's hand around a single red rose. I touched their skin. I felt the coldness and wasn't offended or scared by it.

Dead bodies don't bother me. All they are is what's left over. I find them comforting in a strange way. I can look at them and know the spirit has moved on. They aren't trapped in there anymore. They've moved on.

My father, when he passes, wants to be donated to science. Dissected and learned from. I personally am an organ donor. Once they take what they can, I want to be cremated and tossed into the ocean.  I don't have a problem being fish food. It's all the circle of life.

It's odd realizing that I couldn't ever give my grandmother her insulin shot(Needles make me squeamish) but I wouldn't have a problem cutting into a corpse. If this career doesn't work out, I could always train as a mortician. It would be a quiet career and steady business.

Don't get me wrong. Dead bodies should be treated with respect. It used to be an important part of someone's life. But all it really is is an instrument. Once it's broken beyond repair, it's life song ended,  it means little.

The life is in the spirit not in the body. I'm trying to live mine well.

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