Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little Girl Dreams

I'm very rarely myself in my dreams. I'm not talking about being the idealized version of myself as being different from who I am. Taller thinner etc. I'm saying I'm other people. From a small girl to an old man and every combination between. I walk in places I've never seen before and talk to people I've never met.

For example, I have a recurring dreams. I'm a little girl in a green dress with scuffed black shoes.My dark brown hair keeps falling in my eyes. I'm touring a lighthouse. The guide shows us different things and rambles on about something I'm not paying any attention to. My attention is focused on the chair. The chair is wooden and big and has red velvet cushions. It has claw feet and a high back. I want to sit in it like it's a throne. But it's behind a velvet rope and I shouldn't play with old stuff cause I might break something accidentally. I'm with a man.He's wearing a button up shirt and khakis and I never look up at his face. He's holding my hand so I don't wander but not paying any attention to me. He's listening to the boring guide talk about the history of the place. I run my hand over the rope and know I could just slip under and get to that chair. I want to feel the soft cushions and touch the feet that look so strange.  I reach one hand past the rope trying to just put one finger on it just for a second. Then I get jerked back and that's when I wake up.

The dream was so vivid and frequent that I assumed it was a memory. I asked my parents when I had been to a lighthouse and where it was so I could see it again. I'd never been to any lighthouse. The first and only lighthouse I've seen up close was the one here in Jupiter. About 3 years ago, I took a tour with my aunt. It's a lovely lighthouse with a nice staff.

 But it wasn't my lighthouse. I kind of hoped it would be. It was so solid and real in my sleep that I want it to exist.

Don't people always say that dreams can come true?

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