Monday, February 20, 2012

The Wrong Foot

Does anyone really like their feet? Unless you're a professional foot model, you probably don't. I have friends who are almost phobic about feet. I have friends who pay for pedicures just so they don't have to spend that long actually touching their own feet. There are products now available that wash your feet for you so you don't have to bend down and do it yourself.

Feet are neglected and abused and taken for granted. They're shoved in high heels and left to callus. They're subjected to nasty of shoes. Don't even get me started on  athlete's foot.

 Finding shoes that fit properly is also a pain. Most women run between sizes 7-9 in shoes. That's where the good ones are. The "Ooooooh where did you find those!" types of shoes.  Smaller feet? You have five pairs to choose from. Bigger feet? They can special order them if they company even makes them that size. Narrow feet? You need to wear thicker socks. Wide feet? So what if you have three inches of room in the toe, at least it fits across. High arches? The only shoes that have support for you are made in other countries.

My feet are size 6 1/2 EEE and I have high arches. EEE means triple wide for those of you who have normal feet. Even specialty shoe stores that cater to wide feet have 2 or possibly if I'm lucky 3 pairs of shoes in the store that would properly fit me. I'm not saying 3 styles. Three PAIRS of shoes. If they are ugly which they usually are. I have to wait for 3 months before the next season's shoes come in.

Other people dream of buying a yacht when they hit the lotto. Me? I want to hire a cobbler. If they still exist.

So in the meantime, I shop for shoes at goodwill so they're already stretched out or I shop at my favorite shoe store. Some say they're tacky. Some say they look cheap. I tell them, back up off my Crocs.

I love my Crocs. They fit. They are easy to clean. They're good for the beach. They're great for the bar. They last. I'm on my feet all day and my feet don't hurt. They come in many colors. No socks required.

This is why, this is why, this is why, I Croc.*

*I was asked if my blog about feet contained footnotes. Now it does.


  1. The wide feet are genetic. I have 'em too; thankfully it's a bit easier for guys to find wide-width but I need EEEs as well.

    Crocs are enh for me. I'm bummed my Klogs USA finally bit the dust, though. And even though I have to buy them way too long, my Chuck Taylors feel great. Snug on the sides even if there's room enough to store extra socks in the toes.

  2. I hear this! I'm a size 11 and, while more stores are carrying big sized shoes, it is really hard to find shoes that fit and that look nice! Once, when I was 12ish (and a size 10 at that point) someone oh-so-helpful-and-clever salesperson at the shoe store told me there were some nice boxes in the back that might fit. Seriously, who tells a 12 year old girl that? As if they aren't insecure enough?! And then, as an adult, someone suggested I try drag queen websites to find good shoes. Sad thing is, it was true!

    1. Kim! I was so confused when I saw someone from Sudan was reading my blog. An hour later, it hit me who it was. Thanks!