Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parrot Predictions

Back when I was a teenager, I loved random road trips with friends. Who am I kidding? I still love road trips. On this particular outing, we headed out to Hartford. We made several stops as the mood struck us to. One of our stops was a big toy store. My friend picked up this stuffed mechanical parrot on a perch which repeated things randomly back to you in a slightly altered voice.

We moved on. I was turned out of the parking lot and headed left. After my car was already a few hundred feet down the road, I noticed something strange. I was on the wrong side of the median. I was headed toward oncoming traffic. I got to the far left lane and Started flashing my lights and honking my horn to warn the oncoming cars. Thankfully there weren't many. Meanwhile in the car, chaos reigned. My three passengers, all teenage girls, were freaking out. It was a cacophony of screams of terror.

I came to an entrance to a parking lot and quickly turned in and parked the car. As we all took a collective breath and sigh of relief, there came a voice.

 "Awk!  Oh shit! We're gonna die! Oh shit! We're gonna die! Oh shit! We're gonna die!" said the mechanical parrot as it flapped it's wings and shook it's head.

We couldn't leave the car for at least ten minutes cause we were all laughing too hard.